Today is Tuesday, November 19, 2019, 10:39 pm, PST.


A Chinese furniture maker and farmer has brought his dreams to fruition by creating some of the most unique, giant tsunami survival pods you will likely have ever seen.

According to the creator, Liu Qiyuan, his pods can seat 14 – 30 people and can sustain the occupants for at least 2 months during a catastrophic cataclysm of monumental proportion, such as the Apocalypse.

The pods are constructed with a fiberglass shell fitted over a steel frame, and come fully equipped with enough food, water, a propeller with Yamaha engine, generator, batteries and oxygen tanks for several months.

Liu was inspired to create his giant spheres after seeing the disaster movie, 2012. He explains that he felt compelled to contribute something to the survival of humanity just in case the end of the Mayan calendar was indeed the portender of the end of the world.

The pods were constructed to survive 1000 foot waves. Despite the thin skin, they were built to be exceedingly tough, says Farmer Liu.

We applaud Farmer Liu’s ambitiousness, daring, risk-taking, and his concern for humanity. But we wonder how the occupants will sleep in the sphere, whether there are contingency plans for illness and other unforeseen circumstances. Living in a ball for several months with 20 to 30 other people could be quite a challenge. But, in a survival scenario, people can endure more than they might imagine.

Good luck and many blessings, farmer Liu Quiyuan!


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