Today is Monday, May 20, 2019, 7:49 am, PST.

The SNACK That Could Survive the APOCALYPSE… NOT!

18,000 JOBS LOST | End of An Era | Goodbye, Twinkie! So Long, Wonder Bread! (Sniff)

Who hasn’t sunk their teeth into a Hostess Twinkie or Ding Dong, had childhood memories of sandwiches made with the softest, whitest bread on Earth, or marveled at the rotund squishy delight of a fluffy Sno-Ball?

Well, sadly, it looks like that ship has sailed, and an old American stand-by has bit the dust. How could that be possible? How could such a landmark company dissolve away into nothingness in the matter of just a few days? And how could a union topple the very ediface that sustains it?

ABC News Talks About the Apocalypse Twinkie

WSJ Reports…

This loss cuts into the core of the American psyche. Ebay sellers are asking over $60 for a single box. There are many snack companies, but deep in our hearts, we always knew that Hostess was the cream of the crop of all those tiny lunch box cake companies.

Evidently, Hostess Brands, Inc. was in trouble earlier in the year with declining sales, ever-increasing labor and ingredient costs and the dark spectre of past bankruptcies and revolving debt.

Hostess closed shop over one and a half billion dollar in debt and only 945 million in assets. This likely means that no other companies will be willing to step in and absorb all the expenditures and pension liabilities.

Whose the winner now? It looks like Little Debbie will now rule the roost as the Snack Cake Queen of all those grocery endcaps.


1. Avoid getting into big debt.

2. Think twice about relying upon your “indispensibility” as a worker or as a brand, no matter how unionized, beloved or iconic.

3. Maybe listen to the teamsters when they hire one of the most experienced litigating bankruptcy attorneys in the world. The teamsters have been around the block.

4. When the trunk of the tree is rotten, weakened or decaying, the tree is likely to fall. Therefore, don’t count on harvesting nuts from THAT tree.

5. Know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em.

Good-bye, Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Sno-balls. Good-bye, Wonder Bread. We loved you, even if we stopped buying you. And just knowing you’re not there, puts a bit of a dent in our collective hearts. Yes, it speaks of the ending of a generation… and, an era.

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