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South Park Video Clip “We All Got Duped” “I Don’t Know What To Believe In Anymore”

Comedy Central’s popular TV hit show, South Park, presents a short clip that takes a potshot at a fictional American sports icon that resembles the now disgraced, seven-times Tour de France winning cyclist, Lance Armstrong.

The devastated, emotionally derelict, fictional townees stand in line getting their yellow wristbands removed. These bands represent their support for the charity foundation their former hero championed.

Feeling lost, betrayed, devastated, they bemoan, “I can’t believe we all got duped.” “I don’t know what to believe in anymore.”

What are the lessons is all of this?

Some thoughts by SATTV Re: “I Don’t Know What To Believe In Anymore”

Something that may (or may not) be worth believing in (your call):

People are fallible, no matter their stature, abilities, accomplishments.

Put no man or woman on a pedestal.

A man or woman’s reputation is as good as their word.

Winning at all costs may be too costly.

For all the good you do, beware of the bad, for the bad can erase all the good, and more.

Face the music, and you may live to dance again. Or not.

The greatest credit to a man is to admit defeat, THEN go on to win again.

To lose is one thing, to lose one’s reputation, another thing.

Some people will go to their deathbed in denial of the obvious.

Seeing a man fall opens up to us our own precipitous positions.

Thoughts About Lance Armstrong

Is he innocent or guilty? All evidence points to guilty. That said, Lance denies all.

As for his mindset, perhaps, as the determined competitor and personality that he is, to deny drug use till the bitter end may seem to him his only option to protect his family, and those who have been benefitted by his cancer foundation. Or, perhaps this another competition to prove he is in the right no matter what.

In the end, Lance Armstrong garnered 1/2 billion dollars for his cancer foundation, helping countless cancer sufferers. His LIVESTRONG health and medical website is one of the most comprehensive and informative on the Web.

As he separates himself from his foundations and charities, he allows them to move forward on their own.

There are many men for whom denial seems an only option. Perhaps this is to protect themselves, from themselves.


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