Today is Sunday, September 22, 2019, 4:29 pm, PST.

SHOCKING RED CROSS EXPOSE – Providing Useless Junk To Sandy Victims?

Is the American Red Cross providing useless, cheap, low quality supplies in almost negligible quantities to those flooded out without heat and electricity after Hurricane Sandy?

Shockingly, this video seems to indicate that this is so. The sparse Red Cross supplies included thin, supercheap fibrous “blankets,” “glow sticks” for light, squeegees that crack when the thin, plastic handle is screwed into the blade and other items that offer little relief except, perhaps, comic. Most of the truly useful donations came from private individuals.

The Red Cross has received billions of dollars in donations for various disasters for sufferers in Haiti, New Orleans and now, New York. But what happens to all that money? How do they spend it?

Quote from BrasscheckTV:

“Along with the government, the American Red Cross is also engaged in a massive fraud, staging photos ops, and then widely publicizing the pictures to give the impression that their efforts are meaningful (they are not, given their size and funding) in order to solicit donations.


1. The American Red Cross has an open government contract in which they are reimbursed for 100% of all the expenses involved running specific relief operations. So every blanket, every crumb of food, every gallon of gas they’re burning will be paid for with your tax dollars.

2. The American Red Cross usually soaks up about 70% of all the money that people donate for high profile relief operations. That means that all the other groups, including many of which are doing truly heroic and much needed work, have to share the remaining 30% of the pie.

3. The American Red Cross reserves the right – and uses it every time – to spend money donated for a specific catastrophe in any way it chooses.

This means if you give the American Red Cross money to feed freezing, hungry people in the Rockaways right now, the American Red Cross is perfectly OK spending it on a weeklong management retreat in Maui for their executives. Just Google “Red Cross fraud corruption” and you’ll see that they’ve been caught doing these kinds of things – and much, much worse – many, many times over a very long period.”

What does this mean? If the above information is true, it likely means that donations may be invested in fat portfolios, and the only money directly spent on disaster relief may be monies provided solely from dividends and interest payments. Additionally, there may be a huge, ponderous bureaucracy to feed. However, there is no doubt that the Red Cross is usually one of the first emergency response organizations to appear on the scene of global disasters as they occur.

It is unfortunate that the Red Cross may purchase lower cost items that provide little use for those in most need. Hopefully this will change.

Instead of donating to huge conglomerate charities, perhaps it might be more beneficial to find and donate to alternate local charities, churches, private organizations that really deliver the goods. Evidently, in the New York hurricane emergency scenario, those who helped most were local individuals and businesses who generously gave of their own time and monies.

As far as depending upon the government or the Red Cross, the wait may be in vain. And finally, once help does arrive, you may find it to be sorely lacking in even the most basic essentials.

Again, to thine own self be true. Trust in yourself, and be ready with generator, food, water, radio, batteries, LED flashlites, candles, matches, medical supplies, warm blankets and clothing, cleaning supplies and purification products.

Have them handily tucked away in various areas. It needn’t be a huge amount, but just enough in case magical governmental rescue doesn’t materialize quite as planned.


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