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Self-Sufficiency in Suburbia – One’s Man’s Adventure (UK) Aug-Sept 2012

Jonathan Wallace shares his adventures trying to become fully self-sufficient while maintaining his residence in suburbia. Although he is located in the UK, his information presented is universal. Jonathan grows his own food in his allotment (individual pieces of land assigned to homeowners to grow crops and raise animals). He also raises chickens and bees. He recommends that one grow flowers and hedges that bees love, such as the Privet (Ligustrum) shrub.

Jonathan has a small pond where he hopes small amphibians will come to make their home. In this video, Jonathan shares his bee-keeping methods, hen raising and current progress with his gardens. Difficult seasonal weather issues have caused crop production limitations. He sees that weather plays a huge part in the success or failture of his home garden. This year was particularly difficult for him as there was little sun, extended and unusual rain patterns, colder temperatures. He also shares his recipes for fresh radish and potato soup, mint sauce, raspberry jam and vinegar.

Small efforts can eventually lead to great results. Little by little, Jonathan is getting closer and closer to his goal of full self-sufficiency. There have been many obstacles, but resolutely, he marches on.

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