Today is Tuesday, November 19, 2019, 10:38 pm, PST.

Sandy Victim’s Desperate Plea: “We’re Gonna Die!”

Weeping and shaking, New Yorker Sandy Solli made poignant and desperate pleas for help for her Staten Island neighborhood to Chuck Shumer, New York Democratic representative. “We have no food, no clothes, when are you going to help us? Are you going to bring in gas? We’re going to freeze to death…Please help us!”

The storm wreaked havoc in her devastated neighborhood leaving many without food, clothing, heat and fuel.

This is a strong call to action to find ways to help those in peril as well as take precautionary measures to protect one’s self. Prepare! Hopefully, nothing will happen. But, if it does, Donna Solli’s heartbreaking plea and desperate situation is a head’s up reminder: Try and be prepared before the worst happens. Just in case.

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