Today is Sunday, September 22, 2019, 4:31 pm, PST.

REDICULOUSLY LUXURIOUS Survival Motor Home (Over the Top)

Okay. Perhaps these trailers weren’t particularly designed for freedom and survivalist end times. Nonetheless, these rediculously luxurious celebrity motor homes are fun to take a gander at, and just might touch the luxury lover in all of us, survivalist or not.

If we were going to flee disaster or just feel the need to hit the road running, wouldn’t these do just fine in a pinch? In fact, these mini-motor mansions may be the ultimate survival-thrivalist’s dream.

Or, on the other hand, maybe not. There’s another way of looking at ultimate survival-thrivalism. And that includes moderation, minimalism and lightweight, nimble mobility. It’s a tough choice. Or, is it?

These behemoths are ponderous, hugely expensive, blatant, obvious and complex to maneuver. But if one needs to settle in the backwoods, this baby could be outfitted with generators, solar, artillery and enough food and seed to last out a revolution or two.

These coaches and 18-wheeler long haul truckmobiles take wheeled mobility to the nth degree.

There’s not a disaster survivor on Earth who wouldn’t be happier to have one of these babies at his or her ready disposal. That is, as long as they have access to unlimited fuel and a wallet to match.


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