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How the Economy REALLY Works – Four Horsemen

“Let Us Prey…”

What could be the more perfect 3 words to describe the machinations behind the banks and other global powers that rule the economic world?

Want to know what’s really going on with the economy behind the scenes? Want to find out if what you thought about the global economy is true or not? The movie, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is one of the most informative, fastidiously researched and fascinating explorations into the machinations behind the global, economic manipulations that rule every minute of our daily lives. Here’s some excerpts; really worth a watch.
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STORM PREP :: What Does It Take To Survive the Storm?


Emergencies, catastrophes and disasters are part of the repertoire of experiencing life on Earth.

Whether we want to believe or accept it, life marches forward and hands us both our due or undue with sometimes, devastating consequences.

Nonetheless, we have power. We have the power to be intrepid souls that carry on irregardless of what’s thrown at us.
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ALERT :: WHAT Are They Putting In Your Breakfast Cereal?

Food Industry’s Dangerous, Unnatural Processed Foods and Supplements

What has industry been doing to food without people knowing? Most people have no idea what is really being put into their food. This video shares some shocking information about what is being added to most common, everyday foods that can be, at best, useless, and at worst, harmful to health and well-being.
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Alex Jones and Piers Morgan Have At It Over Guns


Agree or disagree, Piers Morgan and Alex Jones discuss one of the most devisive topics in America, today.

Alex Jones and Piers Morgan get into a particularly heated argument on national television over whether the US government should limit private gun ownership.
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ARTICLE: VA Doctor (Psychiatrist) Explains Gun Grab Details

This article by the VA psychiatrist will hopefully address some pressing issues and questions. This is Part 1 of a multi-part series. We at SATTV will print statements from the doctor as they are received. These statements may help to codify in greater detail what the doctor perceives is happening, the possible reasons why, and what people can do to move forward as productively and positively as possible.
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Could the IRS May Be Reading Your Emails (Without a Warrant)?

Does the IRS Have Access To Your Emails?

With tax season upon us, you may want to think twice about what you email to your accountant or tax attorney regarding your business or your finances. As one attorney knowingly said, “When in doubt, leave it out… and find another means of communicating the information.”

Evidently, the IRS seems to believe that it may be within its jurisdiction to demand that your ISP or cellphone provider turn over emails that are 180 days old and younger without going through the usual judicial processes.

To put it bluntly; the IRS Criminal Tax Division’s Office of Chief Counsel states
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Self-Sufficiency in Suburbia – One’s Man’s Adventure (UK) Aug-Sept 2012

Jonathan Wallace shares his adventures trying to become fully self-sufficient while maintaining his residence in suburbia. Although he is located in the UK, his information presented is universal. Jonathan grows his own food in his allotment (individual pieces of land assigned to homeowners to grow crops and raise animals).
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Our Preface To Urban Prepping Book For Families

Our Prologue (Preface) To James Mushen’s Urban Prepping Book

James Mushen has collected over 470 pages of detailed information concerning family prepping in case of an emergency, including very specific information about children and pets. His downloadable ebook/Kindle edition is affordable and easy to store on a computer, USB stick, tablet or cellphone. Our prologue follows, below.


“In today’s ever-changing world, none of us really knows for certain if tomorrow might bring a completely unexpected emergency situation, whether it be in the form of drastic economic changes, weather extremes, natural or manmade disasters.
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TINY HOUSE With Spare Parts Murphy Bed | Compact But Homey

Derek (Deek) Diedricksen author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts: And Whatever the Heck Else We Could Squeeze in Here,” shows Make Magazine how to make do with what got. In this tiny 68 square foot guest house, Deek has made a nice tuckaway Murphy Bed out of old garage door parts.
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YOU ARE BEING WATCHED – But Perhaps, Not Like You Thought…

We are all being watched. In a way we might not expect… it seems that we are an example to others in almost everything we do in public. The smallest gesture we make can make a lasting impression in ways we didn’t expect or think possible.
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