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The Top 7 Survival Books of All Time

Be Prepared…

The following list is a very carefully selected collection of topnotch, most highly recommended books that encompass pretty much all of the general types of emergencies and critical situations that one might encounter should the grid take a tumble or should a natural disaster occur.

Some of the following books may provide all-encompassing, more general information, while others go into depth and particular detail. Each has been considered one of the most essential and fundamental
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Does Google+ Steal Your “Privacy?”

Just in case you didn’t know; Google+ is Google’s attempt to consolidate you and your Web life into one, identifiable personality. So, if you have a Google+ account, you can (and will) have a matching Youtube, email, writing,
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5 Important Things People Miss In Their Bug Out Bags

Do you have the following often-missed items ready in your bug out bag, your “grab and run kit?” Best selling author Matt Stein emphasizes the importance of certain items that are highly useful but often forgotten.

The Emergency Grab-and-Run-Kit
(Also known as Bug Out Bag, 72-Hour Bag, Grab and Go Kit, Emergency Preparedness Kit, BOB, By Author Matt Stein (3 Videos)
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13 Foods You Should Never Buy

Here’s a quickie list of some of the most egregiously wasteful, unhealthy or overly expensive foods that one should avoid buying. Why waste your money? Most of these selections are just an attempt to loosen your pursestrings and cost you loads while delivering little.
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Stunning/Unusual Weather/Nature Stories Today

Giant Sinkhole In China, Starlings Over Israel, Seafoam In Australia

Over Israel, a huge flock of starlings create a rare phenomenon called murmuration – a huge, undulating cloud that expands and contracts in an amazing, synchronized dance in the sky. Experts say these birds do this to communicate, find food and protect themselves from predators.
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Criminals and Predators Can Hijack Your Webcam – How To Protect Yourself

Did you know the webcam on your computer could be turned on remotely without your knowledge? That means criminals and predators could be watching you and your family and listen to your conversations all in the privacy of your own home. How do they do this? They hack into your computer and take control over your webcam and microphone. ALSO: your TV, Net devices and Smartphone can also be hacked.
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The REAL Cause of Mass Shootings

It was not long ago when international news of the horrific New England school shooting broke out. Now, there is both national and international public outcry for more stringent gun control. President Obama has responded by recently put into place no less than 23 executive orders that address gun violence. Other world leaders are calling for similar legislative reddress.

But are the weapons control experts and politicians really looking in the right direction?
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Diane Feinstein Pushes For Assault Weapons Ban

UPDATED: Government Officials Are Exempt From Gun Control In Diane Feinstein’s Gun Control Legislation

Some people are upset that government officials will be exempt from all assault weapons bans and other controls in her new upcoming gun control legislation. This would
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People Are Awesome 2013

Some folks strive for excellence in being unimaginably fit and on top of their game. This video compilation shows some ultimate physical accomplishments by relatively obscure and ordinary folks, who just happen to also have extraordinary dedication and perseverence, perhaps talent, and just plain old determination. What does it goes to show? It goes to show
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Strange Weather

Russia is experience the coldest temperatures on record (-50° Centigrade) while Australia is experiencing hottest temperatures (115.7°F) on record. Meanwhile, Chicago is going through a snowless winter, while India, the UK and the Southern US is being blanketed with the white stuff.

What’s going on?
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