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The video above is “Charlie’s House,” a beautiful and imaginary home hand-crafted by a talented young man for him and his young family. They live in West Wales and have constructed a stunning round house with turf roof, straw bale insulation, cobb flooring, natural tree branch supports and lime render. These methods are becoming the vernacular in low impact building in Wales. They were inspired by Lammas which is seen in the below videos.

Lammas Ecovillage is a real world exploration into what many feel is the most optimal way of living. This video series presents thought-provoking, visionary videos that take the best knowledge and natural lifestyles from the past and incorporates them into a method of communial, sustainable living into the future.

(The video below will play the entire playlist in consecutive order from start to finish.)
Today, there are ecovillages in 70 countries across six continents.This video series will explore some of them.
Music: Cycles of Revolution – Spiral To the Top


Exploring Off Grid Renewable energy solutions – Planning an entirely off grid community with sole renewable energy from wind and sun. “There is such a need for Low impact, affordable housing.” Example: Kings Hill with lots of freedom, wildness and a joyful place to raise children.

These unique houses will use low-impact architecture of recyled and natural materials. The community will feature the latest green technologies, environmental design and permaculture innovation. This self-built village will consist of 5 detached dwellngs and an additional terrace of four dwellings. Materials used will include straw bale, earth, timber, turf roofs, cob. Each house will have the latest design techologies and will blend into the surrounding natural landscape. This community is located in Wales and is situated on pastures and woodlands near the village of Glandwr, Pembrokeshire.

In the future, the environment, community and self-sustainability will likely be extraordinarily crucial for surviving and thriving. The old, more wasteful paradigm of extravagant use of resources, including water, building materials and large, expansive homes will be a thing of the past. The new world will need to incorporate minimalism along with simplicity. This series of videos presents some of the best, and most beautiful ideas for creating a cohesive, sustainable and comfortable environs.

What do you think? Sound good? What’s missing? What improvements or changes would you want? Or, does it seem like the quintessential survive and thrive scenario?

Episode 1: Introducing Lammas
Episode 2: Living in Two Worlds
Episode 3: Tinkers Bubble
Episode 4: Off Grid
Episode 5: Spanish Sunseed
Episode 6: The Village, Ireland
Episode 7: Findhorn
Episode 8: Centre for Alternative Technology
Episode 9: Holtsfield and Beyond
Episode 10: Permission to Plan
Episode 11: Land Matters
Episode 12: The Application
Episode 13: A Gathering of Clans
Episode 14: The Design Council for Wales
Episode 15: Rachel Shiamh’s Strawbale House
Episode 16: That Roundhouse
Episode 17: Waking the Land
Episode 18: The Trial!
Episode 19: Hooray!
Episode 20: Coed Hills Rural Artspace
Episode 21: Sundance Renewals
Episode 22: New Beginnings
Episode 23: Steward Wood
Episode 24: Building with Mud
Episode 25: Sanford
Episode 26: Snowed In
Episode 27: Ffynone Woodland
Episode 28: Open House
Episode 29- Building with Wood
Episode 30- It’s not Easy
Episode 31: Married to the Land
Episode 32- Cae Mabon
Episode 33: Many Hands
Episode 34: A Roof over our Heads
Episode 35- Park Guell
Episode 36- An Inspector Came to Call
Episode 37- Community Hub
Episode 38- Hutters
Episode 39 – Life Goes On
Episode 40- Hobbit House
Episode 41- Home for Christmas
Episode 42- A New Life
Episode 43- Reciprocal Frame
Episode 44- Bees
Episode 45- Charlie’s House


To support the Lammas project, save the link below.

Currently, for a small donation, full downloads and/or a DVD can be procured.

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