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Our Preface To Urban Prepping Book For Families

Our Prologue (Preface) To James Mushen’s Urban Prepping Book

James Mushen has collected over 470 pages of detailed information concerning family prepping in case of an emergency, including very specific information about children and pets. His downloadable ebook/Kindle edition is affordable and easy to store on a computer, USB stick, tablet or cellphone. Our prologue follows, below.


“In today’s ever-changing world, none of us really knows for certain if tomorrow might bring a completely unexpected emergency situation, whether it be in the form of drastic economic changes, weather extremes, natural or manmade disasters.

Hopefully, none of these will occur. But, without a doubt, the most sensible call-to-action is to be prepared, and to be prepared for the worst, no matter how safely we would wish for the future to unfold.

There is a ton of general information on the Internet and elsewhere on how to deal with possible emergency scenarios. But for the suburban, urban and city dweller, specifically relatable information can be sketchy at best, missing vital details that can make all the difference between successful urban survival and devastating loss.

Most people live in or near a large urban environs. Surviving a disastrous or uncomfortable emergency situation within the confines of city blocks and closeknit rows of apartments and condominiums is a far cry from surviving within more rural areas or even wide, spacious neighborhoods with nearby streams, forests, ponds and farmland areas.

This is why we are so grateful for James Mushen’s huge compendium of urban survival information. He takes into account the many limitations confronting urban dwellers that many other survival informational sources miss.

Where do you find water in a city? What do you do if the electricity goes out and you need an elevator? Where can you buy food if all the neighborhood grocery stores are empty or closed? What if you have a very limited storage area? What do you do about protection in the city?  What resources does a city environment have to offer? What is best for children and pets when emergency services may not be available?

James addresses these and other crucial questions in great depth and detail. He provides specific product information, what’s best in differing scenarios. Without a doubt, James has created a masterpiece of urban survival information that no city dweller or suburbanite should be without.

Download this book. Print it out, put it on a USB stick, keep it on your reader along with backup batteries. Have it at the ready… just in case. And of course, read it beforehand, even if little by little. You may be very glad you did.

With new, unpredictable weather patterns and the current touchy global-political landscape, the world needs, more than ever, precise, urban survival information that James has provided; over 470 pages of top-knotch survival information for the vast majority of our human population –  today’s urban dweller.”


Prologue (Preface) By CJ Johanssen
George Hemminger (UC Riverside) is a noted alternative media journalist, Youtube commentator with over 15 million views and documentary film maker. He has appeared on Fox News, NBC, MSNBC, RT, Al Jezeera, French TV, Infowars, Tosh.0, ComedyCentral, Americas Amazing Home Videos and many others. CJ (UC Davis) is a writer, conservationist and environmental network engineer.
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Title: Disaster Preparedness: Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents; Disaster Survival for the Family

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