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How the Economy REALLY Works – Four Horsemen

“Let Us Prey…”

What could be the more perfect 3 words to describe the machinations behind the banks and other global powers that rule the economic world?

Want to know what’s really going on with the economy behind the scenes? Want to find out if what you thought about the global economy is true or not? The movie, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is one of the most informative, fastidiously researched and fascinating explorations into the machinations behind the global, economic manipulations that rule every minute of our daily lives. Here’s some excerpts; really worth a watch. Arm yourself with knowledge. Those who know of what they speak, can find an easier way to live a greater, better life.

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Max Keiser – On The Federal Reserve
Vestige of the Bank of England… We are still the chattel and colonies under the theme of an entrenched European oligarchy. We are still, the “Colonies.”

Survival of the Fittest – Or Is It the Greediest?
Noam Chomsky – on Darwinism | Noam Chomsky knows of what he speaks. He is Professor of Linguists at MIT.

How Does the World’s Best Banker Think?

Four Horsemen the Movie reveals the fundamental flaws in the economic system which have brought our civilization to the brink of disaster.

23 leading thinkers – frustrated at the failure of their respective disciplines – break their silence to explain how the world really works.

This extraordinary film “pulls no punches in describing the consequences of continued inaction – but its message is one of hope. If more people can equip themselves with a better understanding of how the world really works, then the systems and structures that condemn billions to poverty or chronic insecurity can at last be overturned. Solutions to the multiple crises facing humanity have never been more urgent, but equally, the conditions for change have never been more favourable.”

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