Today is Sunday, September 22, 2019, 5:25 pm, PST.

Honoring the 26 Children and Adults Lost In the Sandy Hook Shooting

The children and teachers lost in the terrible Sandy Hook Shooting tragedy are each remembered, and memorialized.

A Gentle Acknowledgement and Recognition, By Fox News

We here at SATTV take a moment to honor and recognize those who were lost in this unforgettable and devastating tragedy.

Throughout the world, parents, children and their loved ones experience the loss of those who are much too young, too vital to die. And yet, they do. We acknowledge this tragedy, we look to our loved ones, and we go forward with renewed effort to try to understand and find ways to prevent further occurrences of such magnitude and unmitigated anguish.

As long as there is war, as long as there are those who cannot or will not contain impetuous, thoughtless and irrevocable criminal thoughts, there will be suffering and great loss. The best we can do is to go forward and be as kind, patient, understanding, forgiving and loving with all those around us, as much as possible. Let us all be keepers of the peace.

Exploring the Incomprehensible-ness, Whys, Wherefores of This Shooting Rampage…

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