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Health Problems? Check Out Aspartame | Neuro-toxic Effects


Jim Turner, a Washington DC attorney, has been working since 1970 to protect the public from the dangers of Aspartame/Nutrasweet.

Aspartame/Nutrasweet is composed of 3 neurotoxins, any one of which could cause health problems, but when combined, can be even more dangerous.

The most interesting thing about this whole story is that the only reason this chemical is on the market is because of politics.

This neurotoxic combination is that it was kept off the market for over 11 years until 1981 by Jim and the Public Board of Inquiry as convened by the FDA due to its cancer-causing and toxic effects.

But, 1 month after that board ruled, President Reagan was voted into office and appointed Donald Rumsfeld, president of the company that made Aspartame, as head of his transition team. Donald Rumsfeld almost immediately arranged for a particular person to be made commissioner of the FDA who
overruled over the Public Board of Inquiry and all their scientists, overruled all their own scientists and outside scientists, and allowed this chemical to go immediately to market.

This is a story of monumental and egregious corporate and governmental collusion that encouraged public exposure to a dangerous chemical in the name of profit.

As for public safety concerns, glioblastoma cancers have increased 10% in humans since aspartame’s approval.

Jim Turner recommends that if anyone is having any type of symptoms, that they stop using all aspartame type products and see if these symptoms disappear.

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