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FREEDOM :: THE NO MONEY MAN – Living Off the Land Without Cash

Mark Boyle has made a personal decision to live without any cash at all.

That means not one, single penny. Before he began this new lifestyle, he did acquire a small, older trailer for a homebase. But aside from that, he lived, what one could say, a rather paltry, even destitute lifestyle. Nonetheless, with clever and inventive strategies he concocted along the way, he not only coped, but coped both happily and successfully. Here, he shares some of his tactics.

To keep warm, he fashioned a “rocket stove” out of old cans and discards. For fuel, he used old wooden waste boxes, for cooking, he found old pans, and, as far as toilet paper, newsprint did the trick.

For books, he does book swapping, visits book stores and the library. For transportation, he uses an old bike with punctureless tires. He says the bike has a “dynamo” for producing electricity. He pulls an old bike trailer behind to store items he retrieves while scavenging.

For food, he frequents local dumpsters. His particular favorite is behind the local organic health market, but he frequents all the local supermarket discards. Surprisingly, he discovered that they toss out a good quantity of very high quality food. He’s yet to know of someone who has been arrested for taking goods from the trash.

Why Did Mark Choose To Do This

After getting a degree in economics, Boyle came across a book about Mahatma Gandhi Gandhi that spurred him to be “the change” that he wanted to see in the world. He deciding that finding a way to live free for a year in an ecologically and ethically sound method, without any money, was the answer.

It was very challenging in the beginning. But, these days, he continues on with his simple lifestyle and successful runs a website, blog and popular forum called The Freeconomy. He’s also written a very enlightening, entertaining and revealing book.

The Moneyless Man - A Year of Freeconomic Living Video

A Money-less Man by Mark Boyle – how he did it

» Mark’s Book

In his book, Mark describes ingenious survive and thrive methods to eliminate bills and flourish for free.

His book is a very candid, honest, fresh and insightful revelation with ingenius hints and tips to save money and live with ultimately, more freedom.

As one reader put it, “Good reading. Important stuff.”

More Videos

Mark gives a blow by blow account of his daily living.

Here, Mark discusses the philosophy of freeconomy, the whys and wherefores of living sustainably and with freedom from the tyranny of accumulation and constant increase.

Freeconomy Forum:

Food for Free – Grown, Foraged or Skipped:

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