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EMAIL HINTS To Prevent a “Petraeus” Event

How To Protect Your Emails From Being Discovered

Seth Rosenblatt of CNET has some excellent suggestions on how to prevent a Petraeus moment from invading your private email space.

As Seth puts it, this way, “you can be way smarter than the Director of the CIA.”

But the best suggestions were provided by commenters. Very interesting stuff!

The Email Privacy Protection Short List

1. Do not use your personal email accounts. Seems like a no-brainer. Instead, create dummy email accounts. Of course, that’s not enough…

2. Do not use any IP address that’s associated with you, your location, work, etc. Instead, use a Wi-Fi cafe or restaurant you do not normally frequent. Do not log into ANY accounts from this location. And from us: use a different computer. One you paid for with cash and has no association with the real you whatsoever.

3. Mask your IP address with a free program such as TOS or HotSpot Shield.

4. Use PGP encryption. If you do, you will have to use an email program such as Outlook, Thunderbird or CounterMail as most email providers do not support PGP. Another suggestion by a commenter: Use winzip to encrypt your message, save as an attachment.


It was commented that Petraeus and Broadwell used dummy email accounts and saved messages in the drafts’ folder, never actually sending them. The reason they were finally caught was because, as mentioned above in #4, Broadwell sent threatening emails from those dummy accounts.


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