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Does Google+ Steal Your “Privacy?”

Just in case you didn’t know; Google+ is Google’s attempt to consolidate you and your Web life into one, identifiable personality. So, if you have a Google+ account, you can (and will) have a matching Youtube, email, writing, creating, social networking presence that ties everything you do on the Web into one authentic identity.

What Do You Think?
What do you think about that? Do you think this impinges upon your privacy? Do you want to have a search engine company follow your every move as you “surf” the Web? Do you want to see the faces of your friends, co-workers, family and acquaintenances staring back at you from a veritable plethora of pages and search results? Does it matter to you at all? Would you actually prefer that?
Google+ wants you to become extremely comfortable becoming a singular, completely identifiable statistic on the Web. On one hand, some may say that’s a good thing. What do YOU think?

What Is Google+’s Purpose?
Google+ is having a small battle seeming to identifying itself as it continuously attempts to reinvent its style and appearance. No doubt, it may be an effort on Google’s part to “bring the world together” into one, happy family. Or, perhaps, a bit more insidiously, may be attempting to “know” YOU to such a degree as to maximize your money-generating potential to fill their own coffers.

Dealing With Google On Your Terms
There is no doubt that Google is the world’s most powerful search engine that globally powers national and international business and e-commerce. Today, your business success very likely hinges on your interactions with the InterWeb, and perhaps even with Google. Actually, we find that utterly acceptable. We like Google. In fact, we LOVE Google. But we also deal with Google on our own terms.

So, to bring it all together for you, Google has created Google+. They will know you, the world will know you, and there will be nowhere to hide… unless you choose to live apart from this most all-encompassing form of communication that ever existed.

Does Google Plus Steal Your Privacy?

Does Google Plus Steal Your Privacy? Or Does It Herald and Host the Inevitable, Universal Openness?

Secrets To Know…

Here’s are some secrets to help preserve privacy and a sense of autonomy and independence on YOUR own terms –

1. Never use your real name on the Web unless…
Unless it totally doesn’t matter to you. There’s no need to reveal your personal information if you don’t want to. On the other hand, if you want to become a Web celebrity or “personality,” you can put yourself out there like an Oscar winner on Oscar night.

2. Forget what Web “Gurus” tell you when they say…
You must use your real identity and “own” it before someone else takes it and makes a mess of your online persona. And forget it when they tell you that you will ONLY become successful if you open up and REVEAL yourself like a poor, boiled clam in a hot, steaming pot. Not true. There are TONS of individuals and companies that make a TON of money on the Web without revealing one hair on their verdant, hidden heads.

3. If you do decide to open up and put your given name…
And baby pictures up for the world to see, not to worry so much. If everyone else does it, you’ll get lost in the cacophany. So, in the end, if everyone does it, will it matter at all? Will privacy even be a consideration? We say, yes. There’s a part of every person that wants to preserve a little bit of themselves, just for them. So KNOW BEFOREHAND how you want to present yourself. Once you go public, you’ll never be able to turn back. Everything you put out there will be out in the open for all the world to see, forever. Perhaps no one will notice. Or, perhaps someone will. It’s up to you to decide, not for any entity or company to decide for you.

4. Be discerning.
The way of surviving and thriving in today’s world takes pulling out your thinking cap and use some self-wisdom. As much as possible, understand and know the consequences of your actions. Be careful as you tread the Net. You can use your nickname if you like. Or, perhaps a pen-name. If anyone tells you, you must be you, it’s inevitable, there’s no hiding, tell them it isn’t hiding you want to do. You simply want to go about your life in peace and tranquility without any paparrazi or trailing search engines following along.

5. If you must reveal your true identity…
For credit card purchases and/or agreements online where you swear to reveal the truth and only the truth, understand that this is an inevitable consequence of living in today’s age. Most companies will respect your privacy and will NOT do anything with your personal information when thus collected.

6. In truth… companies, the government…
And some in the online community likely know more about you than you know about yourself. So, all in all, much of this is really beyond the scope of your concern. Why worry about something you cannot change or do anything about?

7. Google records all search data and stores it…

For a period of time. So of course, they too know more about you than you might imagine. But then, there are advertising conglomerates that know even more about you than THAT. Your address and identity has been accumulating with various ad agencies since the day you were born. That is, unless you never used a credit card, never bought on credit, never got a license, bought property or went anywhere where public cameras and recorders didn’t exist. Your life is an open book. And, if the government wanted, they could request that information from Google, or from any company for that matter. Of course, know that such information requests are EXCEEDINGLY rare. The government really doesn’t want to know that much about you if you are a regular Joe or Josie Schmoe.

8. Good News! You have access to privacy settings within your Google+ profile. You can choose with whom you wish to share your posts and information. However, if you are logged into any of Google’s services, your profile will follow you wherever you go on the Web and all your Google searches and viewings will be logged with your Google identity. Google will use this information to serve you up convenience ads and recommendations. It’s all very subtle and can be inobtrusive. But, at the same time, some people may find this disconcerting. Solution? Log out of your account.

What Does This All Mean?
Well, it likely means that there are two tiers of information. One has to do with a huge, ponderous machine that knows pretty much who you are and much of what you prefer and do. But another tier is what the general public knows about you. So decide if you want to participate in a Google+ environment as the real you. And remember… you can use any name you wish. That should be your right.

So… What Does This Have To Do With Surviving and Thriving?
Well, in today’s all-encompassing digital environment where so many of us try to make a living working from home online, how Google works and how we interact on the Web can be crucial to our success. And whether we like it or not, social networking is fast becoming the communication method of choice for most of the “younger” generations, and is growing even with the more mature crowd.

Now, As Dessert, Here’s One Person’s Impassioned Opinion About Google+
“I predict Google+ is going to be HUGE BIG FLOP if they don’t get it together. It’s messy, disjointed, slow and jerky, hard to find specific settings, a multipaged mishmash, and wants to plant friends’ faces everywhere you go (like foisting Google hangouts/vids on your Youtube front page). Do you want to see your circles’ faces planted EVERYWHERE you go on the Web? NOOOO. I want fast, clean info, subtle and avail only when I’m ready for it and wanting it. I want to see friends when I’m READY and WANTING, not everywhere i look. And WHO wants the Web to follow them around and think it knows MORE about them than they do themselves??? A new gen of Big Brotherism that’s crude, rude and just plain overbearing. One day, privacy will become a DEFUNCT Word. Furthermore, Google+ is just geeky, inelegant, crude, rough, herkyjerky and fricking bothersome. WOw. Glad i got that off my chest. Just had to once again disconnect Google+ from my Youtube so I could surf and work in PEACE.”

Agree or disagree… we just want to know… who wrote that? What’s his or her real name? Where can we find them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn? What do they look like? How does he or she know what they’re talking about? Are they single? Married? How old? Inquiring minds want to KNOW!

In the old days, this used to be called, being “nosy.” But today, this is just called “social networking.


So, does Google Plus Steal Your Privacy?
In some ways perhaps yes, but in other ways, no. You will have the choice to log in or log out of your account. You can change your settings to suit your privacy needs, and you can choose what to share and with whom. Google provides a tremendous number of free services to its users. It is worth giving Google access to part of our lives in exchange for free or low-cost business and personal tools that remain unmatched by other companies that may charge large amounts for similar services? Perhaps it is.

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