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Police Handheld Radar Device That Can “See” Into Homes

Radar R Home Radar Surveillance Within the last 3 years, police have quietly been acquiring the Range-R radar doppler-wave device that can see up to 50 feet right through concrete walls to detect a persons’s location […]



Included: 25-Page Downloadable PDF | Emergency Esentials and General Information The Civil Defense Controller in Auckland, New Zealand recently revealed that less than 1 in 10 people were prepared for a disaster occurrence, even though most […]


CHEAPEST and BEST Water Purification – Why We Love This Over All the Others

Why We Chose This Simple, Cheap Water System Over All the Rest… We have tried and considered a number of water purification and filtration systems including Brita, Pur, Propur, Zero Water, reverse osmosis / alkaline / […]


PLANS TO BUG OUT? Avoid These Pollution / Cancer / Disease Cluster Areas

Maybe you want to move to another location that’s safer, more comfortable, less crowded, more idyllic. Or, perhaps you’re preparing for a socio-economic collapse and are looking to bug out to a more secure location. Whatever […]


IMPORTANT NEWSFLASH :: The IRS May Be Reading Your Emails (Without a Warrant)

Does the IRS Have Access To Your Emails? With tax season upon us, you may want to think twice about what you email to your accountant or tax attorney regarding your business or your finances. As […]


Is This Our Future? Shocking Movie

An Amazing Movie… Is this our future? A dark, apocraphyl and perhaps, prophetic movie that brilliantly illustrates the future that none of us may see coming, yet somehow deep in our hearts, may feel is on […]


SURPRISE! Fear and Pessimism May Help You Live Longer

Gloom and Doomers, Take Heart! Now You Can Feel Good About Feeling Bad! Crazy but true: Having fear, doubt and suspicion about the future may help you live longer than your more cheerful, optimistic compatriots. The […]


WANT TO KNOW How Washington REALLY Works? Watch Kevin Spacey In “House of Cards”

F.U. Bad, for a greater good… Did you ever want to know what really goes on behind the scenes in Washington’s vaunted and labyrinthine Congressional halls? The stunning Netflix series, House of Cards takes your disbelief […]


30 Ways To Reduce Stress! (Quick, Simple, Easy Little Tricks)

One of the greatest threats to optimal surviving and thriving is that mad killer, stress. We’ve chosen 30 of the most powerful (and super quick) little tricks to reduce stress, improve your mod and help prolong […]


Is America Still the Greatest Country In the World?

Jeff Daniels In “The Newsroom” Answers This Question This TV series by HBO wreaks emotional twists and turns amongst conservatives and liberals both. Which side was this show on? As McAvoy said, “I voted for candidates […]


The Top 7 Survival Books of All Time

Be Prepared… The following list is a very carefully selected collection of topnotch, most highly recommended books that encompass pretty much all of the general types of emergencies and critical situations that one might encounter should […]


Does Google+ Steal Your “Privacy?”

Just in case you didn’t know; Google+ is Google’s attempt to consolidate you and your Web life into one, identifiable personality. So, if you have a Google+ account, you can (and will) have a matching Youtube, […]


5 Important Things People Miss In Their Bug Out Bags

Do you have the following often-missed items ready in your bug out bag, your “grab and run kit?” Best selling author Matt Stein emphasizes the importance of certain items that are highly useful but often forgotten. […]


13 Foods You Should Never Buy

Here’s a quickie list of some of the most egregiously wasteful, unhealthy or overly expensive foods that one should avoid buying. Why waste your money? Most of these selections are just an attempt to loosen your […]


Stunning/Unusual Weather/Nature Stories Today

Giant Sinkhole In China, Starlings Over Israel, Seafoam In Australia Over Israel, a huge flock of starlings create a rare phenomenon called murmuration – a huge, undulating cloud that expands and contracts in an amazing, synchronized […]


Criminals and Predators Can Hijack Your Webcam – How To Protect Yourself

Did you know the webcam on your computer could be turned on remotely without your knowledge? That means criminals and predators could be watching you and your family and listen to your conversations all in the […]


The REAL Cause of Mass Shootings

It was not long ago when international news of the horrific New England school shooting broke out. Now, there is both national and international public outcry for more stringent gun control. President Obama has responded by […]


Diane Feinstein Pushes For Assault Weapons Ban

UPDATED: Government Officials Are Exempt From Gun Control In Diane Feinstein’s Gun Control Legislation Some people are upset that government officials will be exempt from all assault weapons bans and other controls in her new upcoming […]


People Are Awesome 2013

Some folks strive for excellence in being unimaginably fit and on top of their game. This video compilation shows some ultimate physical accomplishments by relatively obscure and ordinary folks, who just happen to also have extraordinary […]


Strange Weather

Russia is experience the coldest temperatures on record (-50° Centigrade) while Australia is experiencing hottest temperatures (115.7°F) on record. Meanwhile, Chicago is going through a snowless winter, while India, the UK and the Southern US is […]

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