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ARTICLE: VA Doctor (Psychiatrist) Explains Gun Grab Details

This article by the VA psychiatrist will hopefully address some pressing issues and questions. This is Part 1 of a multi-part series. We at SATTV will print statements from the doctor as they are received. These statements may help to codify in greater detail what the doctor perceives is happening, the possible reasons why, and what people can do to move forward as productively and positively as possible.


Official Statements, Clarifications, Citations and Informative Links from Dr.X,
Part 1

[Full VA Psychiatrist Video Interview HERE.]



"First, as I said, the gun grab is going to be slow and gradual. It is not going to happen all at once as most people think. Its actually been going on since 2010 .

Let me explain a few key points here.

First, Involuntary hospitalizations fall under your states public health law. This means that your constitutional rights are null and void in the interest of public health. This also goes for what is called an “Emergency Treatment Order (or ETO). This is when a doctor medicates you against your will.

Again, this is under public health law, not criminal or civil law. You can try to sue for malpractice. Good luck with that. You will not sue for kidnapping or any other reason that you normally would if you were not in a hospital setting.

This is EXTREMELY important when it comes to H.R. 3590 – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare. This is because any time the government wants to take away YOUR rights, at ANYTIME, they can in the interest of public health, not on a state level but a federal level.

Here is a link to the bill, please try to read it:

I know how upset this is going to make people. I know how much of an outrage this is, but it is the law and as you will read in the bill, it can NEVER be repealed as it is tied into the stimulus packages.

In this bill is section 5210 (just search within the bill) which states that the President can activate a military that falls under the Surgeon General. Again, it is in the bill. This part of the bill was “turned on” on April 29, 2103 by executive order. Here is a link. Please read the executive order and refer to the bill above:

What this means is that the President activated a “Healthcare Military” just a few weeks ago. It is all there in black and white, in English, for everyone to see.

The issue is this: If I can, as a physician, involuntarily hospitalize you and give you medication against your will, medication that alters your brain chemistry as a part of my states public health law, what, exactly can this “military” do under federal law- H.R. 3590 – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

Nobody is asking this question. And the government certainly is not hiding it, so what is going on?

Are you comfortable with the President, as stated by law, having the ability to go around congress and take away your rights in the interest of public health? Because THAT is what H.R. 3590 – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is about.

It is not about “healthcare for all” it is about going around the constitution and the laws of the land and having the ability to do what they want, when they want and how they want all in the interest of public health.

So let me tell you how I know that this is going to happen, other than the law TELLING me what they are going to do. We will start at the VA. As always, it starts in the VA.

Psychiatrists have always been asking about firearms for suicide purposes for some time now. But in the past few years it has become a question asked to all patients. Normally we have been asking this question to determine a “suicide risk”. A patient gets a risk stratification based on a point system. The more points, the higher the risk.

Owning a firearm has always placed a patient a few points shy of “high risk” in which case, your chart is literally flagged. In other words, as soon as I bring your chart up, a window pops up saying, and the wording is important, that you are “a high risk of danger to yourself or others”.

Now the question is for suicidality, but the flag says that you are a high risk to others. Prior to the administration executing several executive orders to confiscate firearms, nobody really paid attention to this. But right after the Sandy Hook shooting we were issued a warning both in writing and verbally that our patients, veterans, are considered a terrorist threat worse than al qeada and that they should not have access to firearms.

THIS is when many of us stopped and said “No, not really. These veterans PROTECT us from terrorists like "Al Qaeda”.

Now, I know the reaction of your viewers /readers is going to be of disgust. I can assure you that mine and several of my colleagues is of disgust as well. The problem is that ALL veterans hospitals are associated with a medical school from a major university, most of which are VERY left-leaning. This is something you can do to check for yourself.

If you go to a large VA hospital ask where the residents are trained. You will be given the name of a medical school that they are employed by. Now just do some creative research about that school. Most VA hospitals recruit physicians from that residency pool. The residents and medical students are taught the line of thinking that is taught at that school.

Do you see how deep this river is running? But it gets better. We are going to begin with two patients who are very typical of the VA. They both have very different stories and backgrounds, but as you will see, as soon as they come in they are asked the same questions the same way. Their stories may be different but treatment is standard. Although they are different as human beings, theirstories are very typical.

So lets begin in the VA with Patient Z and Patient Y who are figments of my imagination but can be anyone.

Patient Z is a male who has never served in combat. He did 4 years active duty as a cook stateside in the USAF. He presented to the VA last year because he lost his job and all of his benefits and he has caught a cold. He goes to the VA urgent care clinic and is asked a battery of questions. “How are you feeling”? “Are you depressed, anxious”? “In the last month have you felt depressed”?

They will show a bunch of line drawn faces one with a big smile on one end, a big frown on the other end and a bunch of numbers in between.” How have you felt in this past month for most of the month?”He points to somewhere on the 5-6 range. He is given his cold medications and sent home.

Patient Y is a combat vet. HE went off to some far off country to do what he had to do. He could care less about the politics of his experience; he is just in some heavy duty emotional pain that people like me will never understand. He is afraid to close his eyes at night and when he does its nothing but nightmares. He has not got to sleep a good nights sleep in ages. He presents because he just wants it all to stop.

Both patients get a letter in the mail saying to present to the psychiatry clinic at whatever o’clock. This is where two veterans with very different stories merge. They sit down with me.

The office is a typical government room. The walls are drab, ugly yellow with a painting of a vase and flowers hanging up. A desk, where I sit, a computer and a chair for you. Its just you and me. I begin saying that time is limited and we have a lot of ground to cover. I say that I will be typing as you talk, but do not worry, I am listening (not really). I begin my “Psychiatric Evaluation”."


[We will post PART 2 up as soon as possible. Please feel free to comment and ask questions below. The doctor is more than willing to address your concerns and questions to the best of his ability and  availability.]

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