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AMAZING! HOW THEY DEAL With Flooding In Venice

Remarkable images and video portray happy vacationers determined to enjoy the sights and watery ambience in the midst of flood waters rising above their knees and higher.

Instead of fleeing, some tourists are not only staying, but playing amidst seawater that sometimes rises above their waistlines.

And, even more amazingly, some shopkeepers continue to purvey hot beverages and wares as shoppers wade in flood waters reaching a depth of 6 inches or greater, right in the shops.

Can You Believe It? Making the best of not necessarily ideal situation…

Can you believe this? Shoppers continue shopping in 6 inch flood waters in Venice, Italy. That's a new way to handle it. Of course, Venice is very experienced with flooding.

Absolutely amazing… shoppers keep shopping as floodwaters rise above their ankles. Thanks to (links below)

Tourists Swimming In Floodwaters That Have Overtaken a Large Square in Venice

Tourists go for a frolic in the floodwaters of a main square in Venice, Italy. Definitely making the best of their tourist dollars spent. Thanks to (links below)


This is definitely an illustration of trying to make the best of a bad situation. Granted, the temperatures are mild, the water rise slowly, steadily, manageably, destruction and debris are not raining havoc. But, nonetheless, it’s a new concept of keeping stores open despite shoppers wading in 6 or more inches of water.

In the United States, this may pose an electrical hazard. Certainly, the government would clamp down, stifling such inventive enterprise. But, Venice, a city of canals and buildings built on platforms above the sea, has adapted and reached a truce with the ocean that laps at its every doorstep.


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