Today is Sunday, September 22, 2019, 5:07 pm, PST.

ALERT :: WHAT Are They Putting In Your Breakfast Cereal?

Food Industry’s Dangerous, Unnatural Processed Foods and Supplements

What has industry been doing to food without people knowing? Most people have no idea what is really being put into their food. This video shares some shocking information about what is being added to most common, everyday foods that can be, at best, useless, and at worst, harmful to health and well-being.

How about breakfast cereal, or baby cereals? You will see actual iron filings collected from these foods. What about those indigestible, even toxic, inorganic or synthetic ingredients in vitamin and mineral supplements? See what happens when these supplements are put into an oven.

Ground rock is classified as “calcium.” Iron “fortified” foods contain iron particles, straight from soil, even in baby cereal.

Supplements commonly contain ingredients from fossil fuel derivatives from cold tar and petroleum products. Minerals are simply cheap, indigestible crushed powder from rocks.

Nutrition is best obtained from truly fresh, natural foods such as fruits and vegetables grown on good, non-chemicalized soil. Plants are designed to take inorganic minerals and transform them into absorbable nutrients. The human body is not.

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