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A CASE OF HUMBLE LIVING… Creating a Home Beneath a Sewer Grate

A MEDELLIN COUPLE SHARES Love and Life, Living In a Sewer

We found this story and some of the accompanying images beautiful, profound and poignant.

Miguel Restrepo, his wife Maria and their little dog, Blackie live within a sewer, sharing both difficult times, and yet an abiding love.

A Poignant and Beautiful Picture of Miguel, Maria and Blackie

A Poignant and Beautiful Shared Moment of Miguel, Maria and Blackie

In times of economic woe, one’s ability to think on their feet, along with creative ingenuity is definitely a plus; so, how does one turn a sewer drain into a home for 22 years?

Miguel Restrepo, 62, and his wife, Maria, have turned a small sewer (64-1/2 square feet, according to Reuters) into a home with a small kitchen area, bed, chair, electricity to run a small television where they have lived for 22 years with their beloved pet, Blackie.

Finding respite, Maria Garcia has a drink beneath the light of the sewer grate.

Finding respite, Maria Garcia has a drink beneath the light of the sewer grate.

Maria enjoys a cup of coffee in the recesses of the afternoon heat.

After struggling through some tough times, Miguel, a former drug addict, managed to acquire some goods and create a tiny home in the most inhospitable and incongruous of places in Medellin, former drug capitol of Columbia.

The couple live in constant fear that the city may expel them from their home, as the system is public property.



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