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February, 2013

Is America Still the Greatest Country In the World?

Jeff Daniels In “The Newsroom” Answers This Question This TV series by HBO wreaks emotional twists and turns amongst conservatives and liberals both. Which side was this show on? As McAvoy said, “I voted for candidates […]


The Top 7 Survival Books of All Time

Be Prepared… The following list is a very carefully selected collection of topnotch, most highly recommended books that encompass pretty much all of the general types of emergencies and critical situations that one might encounter should […]


Does Google+ Steal Your “Privacy?”

Just in case you didn’t know; Google+ is Google’s attempt to consolidate you and your Web life into one, identifiable personality. So, if you have a Google+ account, you can (and will) have a matching Youtube, […]


5 Important Things People Miss In Their Bug Out Bags

Do you have the following often-missed items ready in your bug out bag, your “grab and run kit?” Best selling author Matt Stein emphasizes the importance of certain items that are highly useful but often forgotten. […]

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