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January, 2013

Alex Jones and Piers Morgan Have At It Over Guns

Videos Agree or disagree, Piers Morgan and Alex Jones discuss one of the most devisive topics in America, today. Alex Jones and Piers Morgan get into a particularly heated argument on national television over whether the […]


ARTICLE: VA Doctor (Psychiatrist) Explains Gun Grab Details

This article by the VA psychiatrist will hopefully address some pressing issues and questions. This is Part 1 of a multi-part series. We at SATTV will print statements from the doctor as they are received. These […]


Could the IRS May Be Reading Your Emails (Without a Warrant)?

Does the IRS Have Access To Your Emails? With tax season upon us, you may want to think twice about what you email to your accountant or tax attorney regarding your business or your finances. As […]


Self-Sufficiency in Suburbia – One’s Man’s Adventure (UK) Aug-Sept 2012

Jonathan Wallace shares his adventures trying to become fully self-sufficient while maintaining his residence in suburbia. Although he is located in the UK, his information presented is universal. Jonathan grows his own food in his allotment […]


Our Preface To Urban Prepping Book For Families

Our Prologue (Preface) To James Mushen’s Urban Prepping Book James Mushen has collected over 470 pages of detailed information concerning family prepping in case of an emergency, including very specific information about children and pets. His […]

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