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December, 2012

TINY HOUSE With Spare Parts Murphy Bed | Compact But Homey

Derek (Deek) Diedricksen author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts: And Whatever the Heck Else We Could Squeeze in Here,” shows Make Magazine how to make do with what got. In […]


YOU ARE BEING WATCHED – But Perhaps, Not Like You Thought…

We are all being watched. In a way we might not expect… it seems that we are an example to others in almost everything we do in public. The smallest gesture we make can make a […]


STORM PREP :: What Does It Take To Survive the Storm?

PREFACE Emergencies, catastrophes and disasters are part of the repertoire of experiencing life on Earth. Whether we want to believe or accept it, life marches forward and hands us both our due or undue with sometimes, […]


A Better Life

This man and family have discovered a fundamental truth… perhaps what we gave up was what we really wanted and needed after all. We leave the fold, the nest, only to return. Some people return in […]


A CASE OF HUMBLE LIVING… Creating a Home Beneath a Sewer Grate

A MEDELLIN COUPLE SHARES Love and Life, Living In a Sewer We found this story and some of the accompanying images beautiful, profound and poignant. Miguel Restrepo, his wife Maria and their little dog, Blackie live […]


Honoring the 26 Children and Adults Lost In the Sandy Hook Shooting

The children and teachers lost in the terrible Sandy Hook Shooting tragedy are each remembered, and memorialized. A Gentle Acknowledgement and Recognition, By Fox News Watch the latest video at We here at SATTV take […]

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