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November, 2012

AMAZING! HOW THEY DEAL With Flooding In Venice

Remarkable images and video portray happy vacationers determined to enjoy the sights and watery ambience in the midst of flood waters rising above their knees and higher. Instead of fleeing, some tourists are not only staying, […]


FREEDOM :: THE NO MONEY MAN – Living Off the Land Without Cash

Mark Boyle has made a personal decision to live without any cash at all. That means not one, single penny. Before he began this new lifestyle, he did acquire a small, older trailer for a homebase. […]


WOOPS! FEMA Closed Due To “Weather”

When Hurricane Sandy Disaster victims trekked to their local FEMA center for aid and food, they were shocked, confused and surprised when they were met with locked doors and a sign that said: “FEMA Center Closed […]


UNREAL – 4 Foot Wide House

In terms of downsizing… how far are you willing to go? How about a 4 foot wide house? This unbelievably slender apartment house is wedged between to city buildings into an impossibly tiny space that’s little […]


DOUBLESPEAK :: The Trickery and Chicanery Exposed | Image

This image says it all. This is how much of the media and those in power choose to communicate with the common people. As they say, read this and reap. Or, is it weep? Thanks to […]


OUT OF GAS :: What Is It Like Without GASOLINE?

What is it like when gas is in short supply or worse yet, non-existent? Due to Hurricane Sandy, gasoline is either nonexistent or in scant supply, and motorists are becoming increasingly frustrated with the massive congestion […]


Sandy Victim’s Desperate Plea: “We’re Gonna Die!”

Weeping and shaking, New Yorker Sandy Solli made poignant and desperate pleas for help for her Staten Island neighborhood to Chuck Shumer, New York Democratic representative. “We have no food, no clothes, when are you going […]


Article & Video Series | What Is Wilderness Survival? | Interview With Tom Brown

Tom Brown describes the why, wherefores and how tos of wilderness survival in this introductory 3 video series. What is True Wilderness Survival? According to Tom Brown Jr., a well-known wilderness survival expert, true Wilderness Survival […]


Keeping Warm! Cozy Fireplace Video For the Holidays

A cozy, warming, cheery and crackling video for the winter. If you can’t have the real thing, nothing like the virtual. : ) Happy Holidays! ~~~


Happy Holidays! Best Christmas Lighting Display of All Time

This is our favorite Christmas lighting display of all time. Carson Williams outdid himself when he created this humorful and brilliant arrangment back in 2004. Carson Williams’ Original Christmas Lighting Display (Higher Resolution) ~~~ The video […]

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