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November, 2012

THANKFULNESS… How the Worst of Times Can Still Be the Best of Times

Joel Sartore a National Georgraphic photographer, opens up and shares hauntingly personal vignettes about his family to illustrate the true meaning of the word, “Thanksgiving.” His wife had been fighting breast cancer for 7 years. In […]


OPTIMAL SURVIVAL :: Wise Advice From Regina Brett

Regina Brett, a popular columnist with The Cleveland Plain Dealer and a Pulitzer Prize winning finalist, gave us “45 Life Lessons” that spread like wildfire around the Webosphere in a fictional chain email that she herself […]


SHOCKING RED CROSS EXPOSE – Providing Useless Junk To Sandy Victims?

Is the American Red Cross providing useless, cheap, low quality supplies in almost negligible quantities to those flooded out without heat and electricity after Hurricane Sandy? Shockingly, this video seems to indicate that this is so. […]


Health Problems? Check Out Aspartame | Neuro-toxic Effects

A TERRIBLE STORY OF CORPORATE AND GOVERNMENT COLLUSION… Jim Turner, a Washington DC attorney, has been working since 1970 to protect the public from the dangers of Aspartame/Nutrasweet. Aspartame/Nutrasweet is composed of 3 neurotoxins, any one […]


10 LIFE (AND SURVIVAL) LESSONS from “Shark Tank”

We all know Shark Tank, right? ABC’s popular TV show that features 5 “filthy rich” and famous investors (like Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, for one) who appraise a parade of entrepreneur business […]


REDICULOUSLY LUXURIOUS Survival Motor Home (Over the Top)

Okay. Perhaps these trailers weren’t particularly designed for freedom and survivalist end times. Nonetheless, these rediculously luxurious celebrity motor homes are fun to take a gander at, and just might touch the luxury lover in all […]


The SNACK That Could Survive the APOCALYPSE… NOT!

18,000 JOBS LOST | End of An Era | Goodbye, Twinkie! So Long, Wonder Bread! (Sniff) Who hasn’t sunk their teeth into a Hostess Twinkie or Ding Dong, had childhood memories of sandwiches made with the […]



A Chinese furniture maker and farmer has brought his dreams to fruition by creating some of the most unique, giant tsunami survival pods you will likely have ever seen. According to the creator, Liu Qiyuan, his […]


EMAIL HINTS To Prevent a “Petraeus” Event

How To Protect Your Emails From Being Discovered Seth Rosenblatt of CNET has some excellent suggestions on how to prevent a Petraeus moment from invading your private email space. As Seth puts it, this way, “you […]


IS THE END OF THE WORLD Coming or NOT? Live Discussion Recorded

Interesting and informative recording of a live discussion including: Richard C. Hoagland – Noted Author, Nasa Consultant Alfred Webre – Publisher, The Newsline, Exopolitics Whitley Strieber – Author | Communion Jay Blevins – Survivalist, BLogger Michael […]

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