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October, 2012

Economic COLLAPSE of the WORLD? Marc Faber On Bloomberg

SEE COMPLETE VIDEO BELOW ▼ Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report, reveals some SHOCKING information. Are we on the edge of a massive collapse of the world? Marc talks with In the […]


How far Down Will Silver Go?

Silver Update from a trusted expert: we are in a drift down to find support – we should find support in the high 26$ – low 27$ area. (Note: the federal reserve bank is withdrawing 45 […]


Monsanto Behind Anti-Prop 37 (GMO Labeling) Mailing Advertisements

Californians have been getting deluged with Anti-prop 37  propaganda.  One man takes time to look at the small print.  Monsanto.


How To Stay Positive Through the Collapse

In a series of videos only available on the website, I talk about ways I have moved pass being negative and viewing the collapse as something positive.  Just because we are having a major shift economically, […]


The FREEDOM Speech… One of the Greatest Speeches Ever Made

[FULL TRANSCRIPT INCLUDED] Here, Charlie Chaplin delivers one of the most impassioned, powerful and erudite speeches ever been presented in movie or public, possibly for all time. For lovers of freedom, this speech may say it […]


HOW TO LIVE LIKE AN ELITE (Without Being An Elite)

A Cynical, But Nonetheless, Legitimate Viewpoint POSITIVES TO DO TO LIVE LIKE AN ELITE 1. KNOW THYSELF. First of all, you better know yourself, what you really love to do, long term. If you don’t know […]


HEALTH – What Is the TRUTH About the Paleo Diet?

This is a powerful testament by published author and University of California Berkeley physical anthropology professor, Dr. Katharine Milton, PhD., that the Paleo Diet is an aberrant, unnatural and abnormal diet for humans that does more […]


How To Live Healthy To 100 Years Old – Examining Health Communities

National Geographic writer and explorer Dan Buettner delivers a powerful and compelling presentation at TEDx which reveals the “longevity” lifestyle of the most long-lived societies with the highest number of healthy centegenarians. Not only do these […]

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