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October, 2012

Nothing Beats a Hot Wood Burning Stove

This beauty came from Montana Mobile Cabins. Probably one of the most efficient means of winter heating comes from burning dry wood in a wood burning stove. The heat is contained yet expansive. These stoves are […]


On the Subject of Devastation & Destruction… TIME FOR A LITTLE LAUGHTER

Below: a very funny commercial. Lately, we’ve experienced scense of devastation and destruction, living on the edge of our seats. It’s time to take a break and enjoy a bit of humor. Toyota has aced it […]


How To Prepare For Storms and Emergency Situations

Dan Rojas goes into great detail about what to have on hand for storm prepping and emergency situations. He discusses valuable tools and essentials to have on hand and how to best use them. His information […]


See What 60 Feet of Snow Looks Like

A Remarkable Picture of What Over 60 Feet of Snowfall Looks Like This gives an interesting perspective of what global freezing might entail. Definitely an easier option to dela with than global warming? Or is global […]



Check you check list, Make sure you have all your supplies. Possibility of “Flooding “Of a Lifetime…” Evacuations Ordered…” Also see: STORM PREP SURVIVAL INFORMATION SURVIVAL KIT NECESSITIES They say trees will come down, power to […]


INCREDIBLE SOLAR STILL – Salt Water To Fresh Water – Incredibly CHEAP

SIMPLE, ELEGANT SOLAR STILL | Salt Water To 5 Liters Fresh Water In 8 Hours How do you create fresh water from salt water, or even muddy water? Gabriele Diamanti, an Italian design engineering student, has […]


New TSA Molecular SCANNER Can Scan Every Molecule In Your Body

Quietly, without much ado, the TSA has been replacing its X-ray body scanners (known as backscatter x-ray machines) with new machines called millimeter-wave scanners at major US airports. They claim this has NOTHING to do with […]


GMO Roulette – This Stuff Is Going Into Your Kids, Your Wife, Husband, YOU

One of the most dangerous technologies ever introduced on Earth and it is being deployed into our FOOD supply. It is madness. ~ Jeffrey Smith WATCH THE FULL DOCUMENTARY *HERE. (SEE NOTES BELOW IN THIS ARTICLE. […]


Pre-Fabricated Re-purposed Shipping Container Recycled Homes

A Toronto based construction company named Mekaworld has created stunning eco-friendly recycled homes from shipping containers for less than $100 a square foot. The modern, well-built include high quality interiors constructed with the best materials, appliances, […]


South Park Video Clip “We All Got Duped” “I Don’t Know What To Believe In Anymore”

Comedy Central’s popular TV hit show, South Park, presents a short clip that takes a potshot at a fictional American sports icon that resembles the now disgraced, seven-times Tour de France winning cyclist, Lance Armstrong. The […]

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