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13 Foods You Should Never Buy

Here’s a quickie list of some of the most egregiously wasteful, unhealthy or overly expensive foods that one should avoid buying. Why waste your money? Most of these selections are just an attempt to loosen your pursestrings and cost you loads while delivering little.

Energy drinks
Energy drinks are expensive sugar-bombs with added caffeine and other chemicals to boost energy. They contain artificial flavors, sweeteners, artificial vitamins, minerals and sometimes, concentrated extractions thrown in. The FDA has received numerous reports linking brands like 5 Hour Energy and Monster Energy to heart attacks, convulsion, and even death. Stick to coffee or tea for your morning or afternoon lift.

Smoked and Cured Meats
We all know these are bad for us, right? But sure, they taste good and are convenient as all get out. But they are of the worst foods available today. From the fanciest charcuterie to 99 cent hotdogs, cured meats in ANY form have been linked to cancer, disease, high blood pressure, migraine headaches. They are packed with artery-clogging grease and fat and contain high amounts of salt and preservatives. Additionally, the government allows meat packers to add 50% (by weight) fat to pork sausage. Better choice: nut butters, fresh meat chicken, turkey, beef, fish or pork, organic preservative-free coldcuts. Save your health!

“Blueberry” items
You know those muffins, cereals, granola bars, sauces and other items that are labeled blueberry “something?” Guess what? They likely don’t contain a single blueberry. Instead, they most likely contain artificial blueberry flavoring, coloring and fake little sugary blue bits masquerading as blueberries and designed to fool your eye. Buy your own berries and add them to plain cereal for a real health boost.

“Fake” Multi-grain bread
True multi-grain bread made with 100% whole grains are fine. But “fake” multi-grain bread is another story. Check the ingredients to make sure that the whole grains are listed first, rather than listed in the middle or just before chemical additives. Many bread manufacturers will take ordinary white bread and simply add a small amount of grain, bran or other colorants to fool you into thinking the breads are healthier. Instead, try steel-cut oats, barley and other whole-grains in their natural state.

Reduced-fat peanut butter
Food companies are a funny bunch. When they reduce the fat, they will add excessive sugar or salt to compensate and make the food taste more desirable. So, the so-called healthier food is instead, just unhealthy in another way. When companies take out the fat, they add something back in to make the food taste delicious. In this case, it’s lots of extra sugar—and who wants that? Instead, spread regular peanut butter on your sandwich for more of the good fats and protein without fake sweetness.

Bottled, flavored beverages
How do you make a ton of money while having it cost you virtually nothing? Simple – sell bottled, flavored beverages which as basically water with a little flavoring, cheap sweetener (likely, too much), a few chemcials and/or synthetic vitamins. Your biggest expense will be shipping which is 100% tax deductible. So, as a consumer, make your own flavored beverages. They even have a home soda-making machine these days.

Swordfish, Tuna, Shark, Tilefish, Bottom Dwellers
How about a nice dose of mercury? Easy – help yourself to large, bottom-dwelling and/or predatory fish such as tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and especially swordfish. Choose smaller fish, like flounder, catfish, sardines, and salmon instead. As for farmed fish – beware. Most farmed fish are fed chemicalized, hormone and/or adulterant-laden feeds containing things you wouldn’t want to know about including “wastemeal,” bloodmeals and poultry litter.

Flavored non-dairy milks
The trouble with non-dairy “milks” is that they are often just a mix of tons of sweetener including corn syrups, oily fats, artificial flavors and milk substitutes. Even dairy creamers contains cheap milk byproducts with a host of other synthetic or unhealthy ingredients. If you must have non-dairy milks, try great tasting alternatives like almond or rice milk.

Premium frozen fruit bars
These hugely wasteful fruit bars are mostly sugar and flavoring for an exhorbitant price. You can easily make your own at 1/8th the price you own with a plastic popsicle mold or paper cups. Mix 2 cups of fresh fruit, a tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice in the blender with a dash of water as needed. Pour into mold or cups and freeze.

Boxed rice ‘entree’ or side-dish mixes
Anything that comes in a box with its own flavorings, spices and dehydrated anything come at an extremely high price for what you get. You can easily makes your own “boxed” entrees and side dishes by mixing rice or grain, adding your own seasonings and herbs and store in resealable plastic bags. Cook just like you would plain rice or grain. It just takes a few moments of your time to package up yourself and will save you a bunch.

Energy or protein bars
Talk about high calories, high sugar, high fat and a mix of cheap ingredients at a luxury price. Energy or protein bars are actually just another type of candy bar, and just about as nutritious. To make them tasty, manufacturers add tons of sugar, salt and fat. If you are looking for a midday snack, try natural trailmix, a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts and dried fruit instead.

As for packaged snack foods: Those 100 calorie snack packs just contain less product while maintaining a nice, high price. You think you are getting a low-calorie food, but instead, you’re just getting less of the same. Make your own by buying a big bag and divvying it up into small packs yourself. Store in the fridge or use quickly so oily snack foods don’t get stale.

‘Snack’ or ‘lunch’ packs
Those munchable little plastic partitioned containers in the refrigerator section may seem reasonably priced. They are definitely packaged attractively with cheese food, processed meats, crackers and a tiny dessert. But in actuality, you are only getting a few crackers with a few small pieces of cheese and lunchmeat with a tiny dessert. And did you read the ingredients with those high calorie and salt levels with all those preservatives and additives? Throw together some sandwiches and store in the fridge. They easily store for several days.

Pre-formed meat patties
Sure these look easy – but guess what? Pre-formed meat patties and giant chubs are likely the lowest grade of meat out there with fat padding and low quality scraps thrown in. Additionally, these types of packaged meats may contain higher levels of bacteria, ammonia residue, and/or e-coli contamination. It takes just a few seconds to form patties and throw them on the grill or pan. Make you own, and buy a good grade of meat. Best? Up the veggies and fruits and minimize the meat if you can. Nothing is better than a longer, healthier life!


2 Responses to “13 Foods You Should Never Buy”

  1. Other healthy alternatives; Sweet (or at least Red) vs. Russet Potato, Almond vs. Peanut Butter, Red vs. Green Pepper, Sourdough vs. Grain Bread, Albacore vs. Other Tuna, Real Milk & Butter vs. Artificial (most), Natural Spring vs. Purified Water.

  2. Also, if affordable, organic vs. conventionally grown.

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