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Police Handheld Radar Device That Can “See” Into Homes

Radar R Home Radar Surveillance
Within the last 3 years, police have quietly been acquiring the Range-R radar doppler-wave device that can see up to 50 feet right through concrete walls to detect a persons’s location via their breathing and movement. Each device cost approximately $6000.

More Information
USA Today
Ranger R


Stingray Decoy Cell Towers
This small device mimics a cell tower and acts like a cell-site simulator. It can capture locations and identities of mobile phone users and intercept calls and texts.

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Intelligent Street Lights
These innocuous seeming street lights can harbour everything from secret cameras to special lights that can dim or change color, indicators, digital signage, proximity sensors, video cams and transceivers.

More Information
Center for Investigative Reporting


Included: 25-Page Downloadable PDF | Emergency Esentials and General Information

The Civil Defense Controller in Auckland, New Zealand recently revealed that less than 1 in 10 people were prepared for a disaster occurrence, even though most were aware of the need to create some form of disaster plan. He strongly
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CHEAPEST and BEST Water Purification – Why We Love This Over All the Others

Why We Chose This Simple, Cheap Water System Over All the Rest…

We have tried and considered a number of water purification and filtration systems including Brita, Pur, Propur, Zero Water, reverse osmosis / alkaline / distillation units, Far-Infrared, Negative-Ion, Nikken, Aquasana, Aquacera, Katadyn and more. Here’s what we found out and why we chose as we did. (Please Note: We may receive a commission from some of the links below. Thank you!)

A Picture of the Water System We Bought:
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PLANS TO BUG OUT? Avoid These Pollution / Cancer / Disease Cluster Areas

Maybe you want to move to another location that’s safer, more comfortable, less crowded, more idyllic. Or, perhaps you’re preparing for a socio-economic collapse and are looking to bug out to a more secure location.

Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to know where the pollution, cancer and disease clusters are. No need jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. With a little research, one can more accurately
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IMPORTANT NEWSFLASH :: The IRS May Be Reading Your Emails (Without a Warrant)

Does the IRS Have Access To Your Emails?

With tax season upon us, you may want to think twice about what you email to your accountant or tax attorney regarding your business or your finances. As one attorney knowingly said, “When in doubt, leave it out… and find another means of communicating the information.”

Evidently, the IRS seems to believe that it may be within its jurisdiction to demand that your ISP or cellphone provider turn over emails that are 180 days old and younger without going through the usual judicial processes.

To put it bluntly; the IRS Criminal Tax Division’s Office of Chief Counsel states
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Is This Our Future? Shocking Movie

An Amazing Movie…

Is this our future? A dark, apocraphyl and perhaps, prophetic movie that brilliantly illustrates the future that none of us may see coming, yet somehow deep in our hearts, may feel is on its way. Or… is it already coming to pass? This is the full 1 hour version in English. Thought provoking and definitely worth the watch.
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SURPRISE! Fear and Pessimism May Help You Live Longer

Gloom and Doomers, Take Heart! Now You Can Feel Good About Feeling Bad!

Crazy but true: Having fear, doubt and suspicion about the future may help you live longer than your more cheerful, optimistic compatriots.

The German Study
Researchers from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany have reported that a pessimistic, even fearful attitude concerning the future may actually help prolong
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WANT TO KNOW How Washington REALLY Works? Watch Kevin Spacey In “House of Cards”

F.U. Bad, for a greater good…

Did you ever want to know what really goes on behind the scenes in Washington’s vaunted and labyrinthine Congressional halls? The stunning Netflix series, House of Cards takes your disbelief to new, multi-dimensional revelations in this unparalleled, sexy, taut, Netflix-only original series. True, or not true? You decide…
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30 Ways To Reduce Stress! (Quick, Simple, Easy Little Tricks)

One of the greatest threats to optimal surviving and thriving is that mad killer, stress.

We’ve chosen 30 of the most powerful (and super quick) little tricks to reduce stress, improve your mod and help prolong your life. These little gems are super easy, fastand simple to do.

Note: Scroll to the bottom of this article are 2 more special relaxation videos – rain and forest. Also, a video with a few more tips from BBC.
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Is America Still the Greatest Country In the World?

Jeff Daniels In “The Newsroom” Answers This Question

This TV series by HBO wreaks emotional twists and turns amongst conservatives and liberals both. Which side was this show on? As McAvoy said, “I voted for candidates run by both major parties.”

Question addressed to Will McAvoy: Why is America the greatest country in the world?
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